Flat Foot In Children

Types of Flat Feet in Children & Causes :

  • The valgus flat foot banal static
  • Congenital valgus flat foot.
  • The valgus flat foot malformation or agénésique; synostosique.
  • The paralytic valgus flat foot or spoastique.
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As in life, more and more patients with flat feet, people are more and more of their attention. We need to know more about the next flat feet. Now, let the experts to discuss with you all, prevention methods in the end what flat feet. I hope to help you better understand the prevention of flat feet way.

First, to prevent flat feet to avoid incorrect posture: Parents should be aware that children maintain proper posture, to avoid the knees inward, outward, or W-shaped kneeling position. Appropriate exercise, such as bouncing movement, grasping toe movement, toe movement, pulled calf muscle movement and hand massage movements.

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