Things To Bear In Mind About Flat Feet Pain

Fallen arches or pes planus is a condition that is most commonly occurring in toddlers or infants where the sole of their entire foot is in in complete or almost complete contact to the ground when they stand up. However, this condition can be prevalent in grown-ups and adult as well especially if this area of the body has not successfully developed or if a person experiences an incident that triggered the malady. Oftentimes, a person experiencing the condition will feel symptoms as discomfort and flat feet pain.

Is Flat Foot A Problem During IPS[UPSC] Selection ? [Solution]

Many of My friends Are Asking ” Is Person With Flat foot/Flat Feet is Eligible For IPS -Indian Public Service [UPSC] ?

Answer: Yes , Flat foot is An important Criteria In Selection Procedure Of IPS Cadre ,and If You a parson With Flat feet/Flat Foot dont wait get Your Insoles and Overcome Your Falt feet Problems

What is a flat foot?

There is a collapse of the longitudinal arch of the foot corresponding to a flattening of the plantar arch. This distortion is often accompanied by a deviation in valgus (outward) from the back foot. This is why the term most often used is that of valgus flat foot.

Why Flat-footed people not allowed in Military Jobs?

Flat foot people don’t usually get into the army because of not only the boots they have to wear, but the Army has to travel by foot a lot. There are already multiple foot problems in the Army and a flat footed person would have many more problems with their feet and possibly hold up their unit. Having flat feet has nothing to do with firing off a rifle.