How To Fix Flat Feet

A simple remedy would be to use special orthopedic footwear and accessories, such products are available on prescription and are designed to suit an individual’s exact needs. An example would be posture control insoles, these are small gel filled pads that are inserted into a regular pair of shoes. These pads provide support in the area of the foot arch and the heel. There is also orthopedic footwear which is also designed specifically for sporting activities.

It is important to avoid shoes that do not contribute to podiatric problems, for instance flip flops, stilettos, high heels, sandals, and tight fitting footwear. Such shoes would put increased pressure on the feet and may even lead to more pain being felt. Moreover, they may result in a loss of balance and increase the risk of falling over.

Being overweight or obese is unfortunately a condition often linked to podiatric problems, primarily as individuals with such problems are less mobile and active. Nevertheless, it is important to be able to control weight, as an excess size can put extra pressure on the tendons and ligaments in each foot. Staying a good weight does not have to involve rigorous dieting, healthy eating can help you to maintain the right body mass index.

There are certain activities that help to increase the strength in each foot. If you live close to a beach, walking in soft sand can help to tone up the muscles around the ankles. Swimming is another activity which can also boost the tone and strength of the soft tissue of the feet.

Even when seated, there are basic exercises that can be advantageous, this includes pointing the toes outwards and stretching. A chiropodist or podiatrist can pass on information on which exercises and activities would best suit your condition.

In extreme cases, surgery can be an option worth considering. Though other treatments should be tried out first, if the problem has developed to such an extent that walking is severely limited, a surgical operation may be the best action. Though there are risks involved with surgery, the potential benefits are many.

During times when pain is severe, it can be useful to take anti-inflammatory medication or painkillers to help bring relief. When learning how to fix flat feet, it is important to focus on the treatment option that best matches the severity of your condition, and your general health and well-being.