Flat feet Symptoms, Diagnosis

Diagnosis of flat feet is a lot of people want to know, flat feet is a common disease in life. Next, let the experts come to you an analytical introduction, the diagnosis of flat feet in the end? hope to give you help.

(1) Some patients have a family history of bone or congenital foot deformity or history of trauma, this is the basis for the diagnosis of flat feet.

(2) prolonged standing or walking foot pain or discomfort, with valgus flat foot, forefoot valgus, navicular tuberosity swelling and tenderness, rest reduce or disappear. Late spastic flatfoot, after a longer time to rest, the symptoms hardly improved, which is based on the diagnosis of flat feet.

(3) The diagnosis is based on flat feet still standing lateral foot X-ray film shows complete collapse of the scaphoid tubercle, and the distance from the sudden load increase. Since the heel bone nodules from the bottom to the bottom of the first to make the connection, and connection from the scaphoid tubercle as a vertical line to this, its length more than 1cm.

Experts for everyone above is described in the diagnosis of flat feet, we should pay attention to what I hope can help you, such as your basis for the diagnosis of flat feet have additional questions, please consult the online experts, experts will give a detailed to answer.